Drawer unit for loose sheets

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In addition to offering optimum sheet storage, there is the right kind of layout for each type of manual work and creative leisure activity; the drawer unit can for instance take up to 6 modules and offer up to 48 small drawers.

This unit also provides collectors with a solution for storing the various items in their collection.

In fact, the wide range of possible configurations (see other layouts) is ideal for storing small collectable items: thimbles, charms, postcards, phone cards, bookmarks, penholders and fountain pens, perfume samples, wristwatches, barbotine ware, old doorknobs, cigar bands, champagne cork tops, coins, alcohol miniatures, spoons, glasses, egg cups, ashtrays, miniature cars, sugar lumps, lighters, etc.

On request, some modules can be set up to store insect collections: butterflies, beetles, scarab beetles; entomologists, moth-lovers, please feel free to contact us!

Product Description



    The Drawer Unit comprises a wide range of modules, each including between 2 and 8 drawers. They are reversible and modular, with 13 to choose from.

    Each module offers drawers of different sizes and depths, which means you can adapt the unit to a particular use.

    The unit was initially called a Drawer Unit for Loose Sheets because, with a configuration involving 3 x no. 3 modules (see module information sheet), it can take 15 drawers and thus a substantial number of sheets up to a 60 x 80 format (the “Soleil” format, which is larger than the “Jésus” format [76 cm x 56 cm] or the “Raisin” format [65 cm x 50 cm). This configuration also enables the storage of old engravings, lithographs or photos.

    With the 15-drawer configuration (3 x no. 3 modules), the drawer unit for loose sheets is very similar to plan storage units.


  • Poids Différent selon son aménagement
    Dimensions L 101 x P 70 x H 108
    Matériaux Structure du meuble et ceinture des tiroirs en hêtre massif, plateaux, caissons et façade des tiroirs en médium.
    Finition Vernis acrylique très résistant et insensible à l’eau.