Easel with Drawers

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Like the Artist’s Studio Unit, the Easel with Drawers is designed for graphic arts work. With its wide range of angles of tilt, the various techniques: oil, watercolour, pastel, drawing, charcoal, acrylic, etc. are all comfortable to use.

The Easel with drawers takes all the modules on offer (see module information sheet), except no. 3.

Each module offers drawers of different sizes and depths. Functional and ergonomic organisation is provided for activities such as bookbinding, illumination, calligraphy, box-making, India ink drawing, china painting, etc.


Product Description


  • The Easel with Drawers comprises 3 worktop shelves and a wide range of modular drawers.

    - The upper shelf can tilt to whatever angle you want and is height-adjustable, which allows you to work comfortably both sitting and standing (see unit in situ). This shelf then becomes an easel, an escritoire.

    - The lower shelf, when pulled forward, enables you to do your activity sitting down.
    - The middle shelf slides sideways, providing a surface for putting down equipment that is handy for both right-handed and left-handed people.

    The storage units comprise three reversible modules, with 13 to choose from (see module information sheet).

    The castors, with twin rollers and a rubber binding, make the Easel with Drawers very easy to handle.


  • Poids 80 Kg
    Dimensions H 100 X L 56,5 X P 67
    Matériaux Structure du meuble et ceinture des tiroirs en hêtre massif, plateaux, caissons et façade des tiroirs en médium.
    Finition Vernis acrylique très résistant et insensible à l’eau.