The artist’s studio unit can be taken apart very easily.


If you want to make the Artist’s Studio Unit lighter, because you need to get the unit into a tight area or to make it easier to handle,

You can remove the three modules by taking out the screws that fix each of them:

·        6 torx T15 screws fix the small modules to the framework: remove the drawers, remove the screws, then slide the module forwards, supporting it so that it does not fall down into the middle of the framework.

·        2 screws fix the large module to the lower crosspiece: carry out the same procedure.


Be careful, it is better if there are two of you as the module is heavy.


Do not forget to refit all the screws fixing the modules, as they have an important role in the stability of the framework.



Using the drawers: recommendations


The drawers are designed to take sheets of paper.

They will probably be quite full, so you should only pull them 2/3 of the way out so that there is not too great an overhang, which might damage the sliding mechanism.