The drawer modules



Each module comprises drawers of different sizes. The smallest width currently on offer is 17 cm and the largest is 81.8 cm. The height of the drawers is variable, but the depth is always the same, 60.5 cm.

We currently offer 13 modules; new ones are developed on a very regular basis.

On request, we can send you all the internal dimensions of the modules.

Product Description




            Caisson n°1                                              Caisson n°2                                                                                                 




    Caisson n°3        


    Caisson n°4                                                               Caisson n°5      



    Caisson n°6                                                                       Caisson n°7      



    Caisson n°8                                                                               Caisson n°9     



     Caisson n° 10                                                                           Caisson n° 11          




    Caisson n° 12                                                                                Caisson n° 13       





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    Finition Vernis acrylique très résistant et insensible à l’eau.