The Scrapbook Studio Unit

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We make modules in the 34 x 34.5 cm format which we call "scrapbooking modules".

Scrapbooking modules come in two sizes. They are all 34 cm deep and 34.5 cm wide. And they are available in two heights: 26 cm and 63 cm. The 63 cm module has one fixed shelf at 31.8 cm internal.
Each scrapbooking module can comprise shelves, or 3.4 or 7.4 cm high drawers.
The shelves are 33 x 33 cm, slightly larger than scrapbooking sheets, so it is possible to pull the shelf out without risk of damaging or soiling the sheet.
The drawers' internal measurements are 29.7 x 29.2 cm, for storing paper scraps and also part of your equipment.

The scrapbooking modules are made of MDF. The shelves and drawers slide in slots cut straight into the module sides. Drawer No. 1 occupies one slot and drawer No. 2 takes up two slots.

Using these components, you can decide yourself on the arrangement for your scrapbooking module. Please note, it is not possible to put a drawer in the first space (the bottom space) in a scrapbooking module.

The 63 cm scrapbooking unit can be fitted with casters.

Our scrapbooking units come in unfinished wood for you to decorate to your taste. They are also available with a varnish finish.

Product Description


  • Numerous discussions at shows have helped us realise that it is not always easy to store scrapbooking items, and sheet material in particular. Our scrapbooking modules are perfect for storing 30 x 30 cm sheets. Indeed, thanks to their user-friendly 33 x 33 cm format, the slide-out shelves take sheets; the sheets are visible, but with just a little pull it is possible to take them out without damaging or marking them. With the option of mixing and matching with one or more drawers you can also store and even organise your paper scraps.
    By choosing a configuration with both shelves and drawers you can store your sheets, certain punches, stamps pads, ribbons, brads, eyelets, felts, embossers, embossing powders, various cutting tools and a whole range of scrapbooking bits and pieces.
    All you have to do is choose the module configuration to best suit your needs!

  • Dimensions Largeur 34,5 cm x Profondeur 34 cm x Hauteurs 26 cm, 63 cm et 70 cm avec les roulettes
    Matériaux Médium
    Finition Brute ou Vernie