The Scrapbook Studio Unit

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The objective of the Scrapbook Studio Unit is to be user-friendly, as well as being ergonomic and saving space. In fact, when you use all the shelves, it is easy and pleasant to work all together, with friends or family!

Each module offers drawers of different sizes and depths (see module information sheet) where you can put your scrapbooking equipment: embossing powder, stamps, distress inks, ribbons, buttons, pearls, felts, paint tubes, glue dots, flowers, cardstock, stencils, coluzzle, dymo label stickers, etc.

Just as with the other studio units, the upper shelf of the Scrapbook Studio Unit can also be doubled in size (see options information sheet).

Product Description


  • The Scrapbook Studio Unit comprises a structure and modules specially designed for scrapbooking: the scrapbooking modules are made to take shelves and drawers (see scrapbooking modules).
    The Unit carcase is made in solid beech and its worktop is made of MDF. The Unit is 73 cm deep. It is available in one height, 78 cm, and two widths, 120 cm and 150 cm.                    
    The 63 cm high scrapbooking unit can be fitted with casters. It also fits under the table. The 120 cm wide table can accommodate 6 scrapbooking units and the 150 cm wide table can take 8 scrapbooking units.
    So, when you want to do some scrapbooking you can wheel the units out, making the table fully available for you and other scrapbookers.
    When the scrapbooking units have been wheeled out from under the table, you can free up workspace by putting the 5-space modules on top of the wheeled units.
    Thanks to their casters, the scrapbooking units can easily be used by all the scrapbookers working together. You can all work together, creating a convivial, practical and organised workspace.
    Then, when you come to the end of your scrapbooking session, you can quickly tidy up your room by putting the units back under the table.




  • Dimensions Largeur 120 ou 150 cm x 78 cm de profondeur x 78cm de hauteur
    Matériaux Hêtre, Médium.
    Finition Vernie pour le plateau et la structure, brute ou vernie pour les caissons scrap