Studio Units: An innovative concept

Practising your artistic activity in all simplicity

Martial Becquart is a wood lover, but he also likes to paint. Our story begins with his need to be able to enjoy his artistic activity in all simplicity when a little free time is available.

Because painting, like any creative activity, requires organisation and a good set-up. Taking out all your equipment takes up space and often ends up creating discomfort at one point or another.

A problem widely shared by enthusiasts of multiple activities, other worlds, sewing, scrapbooking, calligraphy, bookbinding, embroidery, illustration …

Because we all know that diving into one's creativity is an intense and magical moment!

Storage Units

Drawer Unit, Chest of Drawers, Art Storage System ...

Studio Units

Suitable for drawing, painting, sewing …

Auboi know-how

Furniture for all situations

Cabinetmaking specializing in the creation of wooden furniture for the graphic arts, the arts of yarn, for creative hobbies, for the storage of collections, Auboi is the result of the meeting between the passion for wood and that of the arts.

Martial Becquart, cabinetmaker, designer and creator of wooden furniture since 1995, creates original furniture combining functionality, aesthetics and optimization of space for storage.

You need custom-made furniture ?

Our furniture can be adjusted on estimate

Auboi: Expertise and commitments

Trust is also an art

Equipe Auboi Martial ébénisterie

Martial Becquart

His vision of cabinet making

Apart from working with wood, what I like about this job is being able to meet the expectations of customers, especially when they ask me for what I call “five-legged sheep”! When I created the atelier d’art furniture, I really appreciated all the technical thinking that went into developing this concept.
Cabinetmaking is a wonderful profession, but when you combine it with concept invention, I’m really in my element.

Now, we have requests to adapt our furniture to various activities, we have to rethink, reinvent. For each of my creations I always visualise how to optimise the work space, how the person functions in relation to a specific activity, I look for the tricks that will make our workshop furniture “magical” as some of our clients say.

Passion and sharing

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