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As cabinet-makers specialising in the design of wooden furniture for professional use and creative leisure activities, Auboi is the fruit of a marriage between the passion for wood and the passion for art. Martial Becquart, a cabinet-maker, designer and creator of wooden furniture since 1995, creates original furniture for craftspeople that combines functionality, aesthetics and optimisation of storage space.

Artist’s easels, drawing tables, sewing tables, wooden drawer units, computer desks, bookshelves, storage units, office furniture, etc. all our wooden furniture has a restrained and pure shape combining the use of two materials: solid beech and MDF. The contrast between two woods really brings out the value of each of them and the finish we offer is a natural one.

Find out all about our designs: wooden furniture tailored to your needs and your equipment.
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Our products

The small sewing cabinet

Even when you don’t have much space, an organized and functional sewing space is often a dream for many of us! This is the case for all manual activities. DiscoverDécouvrir le produit Discover the product

Easel with Drawers

The more modest proportions of the Easel with drawers do not detract from its functionality, ergonomics, aestheticism. This is the indispensable tool of small spaces! Discover the product

The Artist’s Studio Unit – The Taboret

Real studio of artistic creation, this piece of wooden furniture dedicated to graphic arts, drawing, painting, framing, bookbinding... allows everyone to practice his passion. Discover the product

The Sewing Cabinet

Sewing, embroidering, upholstering ... With its cutting table and numerous drawers, the Sewing cabinet is specially designed for yarn work. Take your needles! Discover the product

The small desk

The small desk is designed to double the working area of a space-saving desk. The top shelf can hold documents, a second monitor or other office equipment, and the middleDécouvrir le produit Discover the product

The Chest of Drawers

Depending on its layout, the Chest of drawers can be likened to a plan chest or architect drawers, a piece of haberdashery, or a piece of collector's furniture offering up to 40 drawers. Discover the product