Price information


Our Studio Units and Storage Units are all composable from a structure and several drawers modules.

Each structure and each module of drawers have different prices.

The price of a furniture will thus be defined according to the choice of the structure, the modules of drawers, the options.


To know the price of the furniture which interests you, we send you by e-mail the descriptive sheets of all the elements composing the furniture (contact us).
From these sheets, you choose the structure corresponding to your furniture, then the modules of drawers that meet your storage needs.
You contact us so that we can validate your configuration and give you the price (taxes included) of your furniture, ex-works.


Some examples :


Price of the Artist’s Studio Unit –

The Taboret
with modules of drawers n°1-2-3

Structure of the Artist’s Studio Unit   614,50 €
   module n° 1   295,70 €
   module n° 2   289,45 €
   module n° 3   404,10 €
    total 1 603,75 €


Price of the Sewing cabinet with modules of drawers n°4-5-6
Structure of the Sewing cabinet   710,00 €
   module n° 4   295,70 €
   module n° 5   241,75 €
   module  n° 6   208,55 €
   1/2 shelf     28,92 €
   total 1 484,92 €


Price of the Chest of drawers with 3 modules of drawers n°3
Structure Chest of drawers 3 levels     373,75 €
   modules n°3 3 x 404,10 €
   total   1 586,05 €


Prices are given all taxes included, ex-workshop (located in France, Normandy), without ecotax (only applicable on furniture sold in France).
To this price are added transport and administrative costs.



The transport price depends on the weight and destination of the furniture.



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