Established in Normandy since 1995, the Auboi cabinetmaking company now has 6 people on board.


Martial : It is perhaps because he is self-taught in woodworking that Martial stands out in the trade. Indeed, Martial has always had an affinity with this living and warm material that is wood, and from the age of 15, he buys a small wood-burning handset. However, he headed towards industrial studies and began his professional career in production organization, particularly in wool, then in cardboard.
In 1995, he decided to return to his passion and opened his cabinetmaking, Auboi.
Recognized for the quality of his furniture, Martial has obtained the Label, Artisan d’Art carpenter and Artisan d’Art Ébéniste.
Martial has other passions, including painting and Qi Gong.
In painting, he first worked in pastel, some works are in the “gallery” of the site, then he discovered ink work.
He has been practicing Qi Gong for many years, and now offers classes.

Anne-Marie : I have a training as an early childhood educator and for a few years I worked in this sector, in particular with children and adolescents in difficulty. When Martial opens his cabinet, we have three young children (5 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old). I decided to stay with them and get involved in the company by supporting Martial with administrative tasks and participating in numerous trade fairs.
In 2004, my involvement became full-time when Martial created the workshop furniture concept. The deployment of this concept can only be done through the development of the website and communication.
Today, I take care of the administrative management of the company, the communication and the layout of the site you are reading.
My passions, sewing for creation, cooking for sharing, reading every day!

Romain : is a passionate cabinetmaker. He was awarded the national gold medal “best apprentice in France” in head office joinery in 2009, and the departmental bronze medal in the competition “one of the best apprentices in France” in cabinetmaking in 2006.

Rigorous and a perfectionist, Romain is always sensitive to the congratulations regularly received from our customers.

Romain is an avid football player and plays competitive tennis. He is also passionate about gardening, both for the vegetable garden and for decorative plants. Thus, he developed a good knowledge of the different species of plants, trees and vegetables. Romain is a keen visitor to plant exhibitions such as Les Journées des Plantes de Chantilly.

A fine gourmet, he gladly exchanges the good addresses of restaurants visited at the weekend.

Tatiana : Tatiana: is the enthusiastic woodworking salesperson. His experience in international trade and his bilingualism allowed us to open our export department. We are happy to now have our furniture on almost all continents, with shipments to Europe of course, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico.

Tatiana, a young mother of two children, practices classical and modern jazz dance and running.

Via Instagram, Tatiana exchanges in an international network “how to live her life as a woman in 2020”, manage her career, her children … without forgetting herself …

Chloé : work-study for her “Executive Attaché” BTS. Attentive and conscientious, she familiarizes herself with the specific vocabulary of furniture, overcomes her shyness, and from week to week, gains confidence in her relationship during telephone exchanges.

Chloé loves nature and loves animals, in particular Ohana her dog. Sporty, she practices in group classes, kickboxing, step, kangoo and trampoline. Curious, Chloé likes to discover activities such as sewing, scrapbooking and baking.

We hear him more and more often talking about his pleasure in trying a particular dish or pastry recipe.

Paul :We met Paul during a first internship when he was preparing his CAP as a carpenter, then during a second internship when he was preparing his CAP as a cabinetmaker. Paul obtained these two CAPs, and joined our team in July 2021.
Calm, meticulous and attentive, he knew how to find his place in the workshop, with Romain, and in the team.
Paul also enjoys practicing woodcarving.

Close to nature, he enjoys hiking and canoeing.

Passionate about history, Paul also roams the countryside with his detector, looking for traces of the past.

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