There are many sewing techniques, each with their specificities.

We know the functionality of our furniture and are always open to your additional needs.

Thus, it is by studying your requests that we create and offer variants of our furniture.

We invite you to discover on this page, the options dedicated to sewing workshop furniture.


The embroidery loom support (not suitable for the “S” sewing cabinet).

This option allows you to integrate your embroidery loom in the furniture. It will be placed on the frame which will be positioned in place of the side tray.

When you want to use your side tray, you can store the embroidery loom support between the boxes (and vice versa).

We suggest you to discover the embroidery loom support in video, presented by Patricia.


Solid beech fronts


Choosing solid beech fronts means you want to give your furniture a different look.

Each piece of furniture will be different depending on the tree. The color of beech wood varies depending on the nature of the soil where it grows. The color range can go from very light, almost white, to pinkish brown, to a honey color. Whatever the shade, the color of beech wood remains clear. It harmonizes with all styles and brings a note of warmth to its environment.

Like many solid woods, beech facades often have knots and grain. Click here to see more presentations.

The side drawers

The benefit of adding side drawers: Space optimization and increased organization

In the never-ending quest to optimize space and streamline organization, adding side drawers represents a practical and effective solution. This option offers many benefits, from increased storage capacity to better accessibility of everyday items.

These sometimes unused spaces thus become functional storage areas, ideal for small or rarely used objects.

aThus, the addition of side drawers contributes to even more efficient organization.

Finally, the side drawers add an aesthetic touch to the interior layout. Their harmonious integration into the overall design of the rooms makes it possible to preserve a refined aesthetic while maximizing the use of the available space.

In short, adding side drawers represents an ingenious solution for optimizing space and efficiently organizing objects without harming the aesthetics of the piece of furniture.

On the Sewing Cabinet “M”, it is possible to position two drawers if there are four drawer modules and one drawer if the furniture is arranged with three modules.
This option is also possible for the Sewing Cabinet “S”.

The internal dimensions of the drawers are: width 53.50 x depth 39.90 x height 4 cm.

(Here, presented on the artist’s studio unit.)

White paint finish.


We offer a white paint finish for some furniture.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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