The Desk Unit

Composed with the two-level column structures, the desk unit offers a personalized arrangement of storage drawers. Wide, narrow, deep, high, the choice of drawers allows to adapt to the needs of different activities, see tab "drawer modules".

There are two "standard" dimensions for the worktop ; it is also possible to define a dimension corresponding to a specific need.

The lower shelf is an option of the desk unit.

Given its size, the desk unit is delivered mounted, but not assembled : it will be necessary to assemble the two structures and fix the worktop of the desk.This operation is very simple to perform.

We use solid beech for the structure, and medium for the trays and drawer modules, which ensures the furniture, quality and durability.

Product description

With its rectangular shape, this "basic" desk unit is not less functional. The dimension of the worktop allows to settle at ease, organize his activity, create, take notes while surfing the Internet for example.
Jewelry creation, work around beads, origami, scrapbooking, puzzle ...
Another appreciable factor, recurrent in all our furniture : hyper-optimized storage. Everything is sorted and stored at your fingertips ; folders and papers, tools and materials of all kinds, computer will all find a place and avoids accumulation on the worktable.
The desk can be positioned on wheels for easy movement. By moving it to the center of the room, it can accommodate a working pair.

Dimensions (cm)
W 195 x D 93 x H 81
Furniture's structure and drawers' belt in solid beech. Worktop shelves, modules of drawers and drawers' fronts in MDF.
Acrylic varnish very resistant and insensitive to water.
The weight is defined according to the furniture arrangement
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