Whether we work from home or at home, we spend many hours a week in the office. Many conditions are necessary to make it a pleasant and functional space.

Being well installed is of course essential to the good practice of all activities.

The three trays

The computer desk is equipped with a lower tray that pulls forward, and doubles the work space.
This makes it possible to place a screen on the upper shelf and the keyboard and mouse on the lower shelf. In the same idea, it is possible to use a laptop with a monitor.

If you use a tower, it is possible to install a shelf at the bottom and outside of the cabinet to keep all the storage space.

The side tray can be pulled out to the right or to the left. It thus becomes a trolley on which you can place your documentation and necessary materials.

The printer can be placed on the top shelf or, if its dimensions allow it, on a shelf at the bottom of the unit.

The sobriety of the piece of furniture allows it to be integrated in the living room, in a bedroom.


The storage

The desk can accommodate from 1 to 4 drawer modules offering a large storage capacity. As for the other furniture, the choice is made among the 13 drawer modules offered.

The variety of drawer sizes allows you to store your documents, papers and small office equipment.
Besides having everything on hand, you will also have the satisfaction of having a tidy desk at the end of your activity.


The computer desk is on wheels. Thus, you can position it ideally according to the lighting, whatever the time of day.

We use solid beech for the structure, and medium for the trays and drawer modules, which ensures the furniture, quality and durability.

Dimensions (cm)
W 100 x D 67 x H 89
Furniture's structure and drawers' belt in solid beech. Worktop shelves, modules of drawers and drawers' fronts in MDF.
Varnish very resistant and insensitive to water.
74 Kg

The choice of a style
Our furniture is now offered in two styles, the “classic Auboi” with brass lenses, the “zen Auboi” with black lenses.


The computer desk is proposed to double the work surface of a classic office.
The screen of the computer, the necessary documentations find their places on the upper shelf.
The keyboard and the mouse are arranged on the lower shelf. This shelf can be pulled forward which provides a comfortable leg space.

The furniture arrangement is flexible depending on the selected drawer modules.
To optimize storage, the small computer furniture accommodates the same boxes as other furniture.

By its design, the small computer desk is wheelchair friendly. The height of the lower plate and its release allows to work remaining in the chair, see "the furniture in situation".

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