Each piece of furniture we offer is optimized for storage, because saving space and having good organization also means saving time. Indeed, if the place is sometimes a “headache”, finding the time to practice your passion is often also complicated. Like any manual activity, sewing requires reflection, concentration and precision. So, having a dedicated space solves the space problem and therefore saves considerable time. Not having to put away and take out sewing equipment every time you want to sew is a real comfort.

Thus, we find in the small S+ sewing workshop furniture, the work platforms making up all our workshop furniture.

– The upper plate
This top doubles up to provide a work table measuring 56 cm x 134 cm. Thanks to its height, 94 cm, this space is at an ideal height for cutting patterns and fabrics. When the top is folded, the furniture regains its dimensions of 56.5 x 69.5 x 94 cm.

– The side trays
The two side trays will allow the sewing machine and other equipment to be used simultaneously, such as an overlocker or a computer for using digital tools.

– The lower plate
When pulled forward, the lower tray allows you to have your sewing kit close at hand. Scissors, pin cushion, tailor’s chalk, tape measure are available without encroaching on the cutting table.

The different drawer formats offered in the 13 drawer modules allow you to adapt the furniture to your needs for organizing your equipment. Thus the storage of small tools, patterns, threads, fabrics, etc. is optimized.

The casters provide great maneuverability of the sewing workshop furniture. This mobility allows you to move the furniture around your room, then put it away. This gives the possibility of directing it towards the chosen light.

We use solid beech for the structure, and medium for the trays and drawer modules, which ensures quality and durability for the furniture.

Resolutely against planned obsolescence, we design our furniture to last and be passed on to future generations.

Dimensions (cm)
W 56,5 x D 67 x H 94
Furniture's structure and drawers' belt in solid beech. Worktop shelves, modules of drawers and drawers' fronts in MDF.
Varnish very resistant and insensitive to water.
64 Kg

The choice of a style


Our furniture is now offered in two styles, the “classic Auboi” with brass lenses, the “zen Auboi” with black lenses.

                              Auboi Box 3 5 Schubladen Linsenknöpfe aus Messing                               Auboi caisson 3 5 tiroirs boutons lentilles noires


For sewing, embroidery, tapestry, jewelry making, for all creative activities, each artist needs a dedicated work space.

Although having modest dimensions, the small sewing workshop furniture allows you to have your own creative space, both for practicing the activity and for storing equipment.

If you use a digital tool for your practice, laptop or tablet can be stored in one of the drawers.

Creative activities are and must remain moments of pleasure. Finding a good installation, having a clear and structured space helps to make your practice a real moment of renewal.

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