Even when you don’t have much space, an organized and functional sewing room is often a dream for many of us! This is also the case for all manual activities.

Discover this small piece of furniture very practical to take pleasure in its activity, even in a reduced space!

Because every square meter counts, we offer retractable trays.

Thus, we find in the small sewing workshop furniture, the 3 work trays composing all our workshop furniture.

–   The upper shelf

This tray doubles to offer a work table of 56 cm x 100 cm. When the tray is folded, the furniture regains its dimensions of 56.5 x 69 x 94 cm.

–    The side shelf

It slides laterally. The side tray can accommodate your sewing machine; it is then supported by the “sewing foot” to avoid any vibration generated by the machine. The side shelf is extended by a shelf on which your fabric is placed when you use the machine.

–   The bottom shelf

When pulled forward, the bottom tray allows you to have your sewing kit within easy reach.



To organize the storage of your sewing material, we offer 12 drawer modules, each module being composed of drawers of different sizes. Don’t hesitate to measure your material to optimize your organization and to take advantage of the 2m² of storage that this small piece of furniture can offer.


We have equipped the small sewing workshop furniture with wheels. So you can easily put your furniture near a source of light, whether natural or artificial.
It is also very easy to position it in the center of your room in order to turn it around to practice your activity, then put it away. It’s important that the room moves quickly from the sewing room to its main function!
We offer this small workshop furniture so that small spaces are no longer a hindrance to thread work.

We use solid beech for the structure, and medium for the trays and drawer modules, which ensures the furniture, quality and durability.

Dimensions (cm)
W 56,5 x D 67 x H 94
Furniture's structure and drawers' belt in solid beech. Worktop shelves, modules of drawers and drawers' fronts in MDF.
Varnish very resistant and insensitive to water.
61 kg

The choice of a style

Our furniture is now offered in two styles, the “classic Auboi” with brass lenses, the “zen Auboi” with black lenses.


For sewing, embroidery, tapestry, jewelry making, for any creative activity, each artist needs a dedicated work space.

Although modest in size, the small sewing workshop cabinet allows you to have your own creative space, both for practicing the activity and for storing materials.

Thanks to the different drawer modules, the material is both within reach and invisible when everything is put away!

The height of the cabinet allows you to have a cutting table at the ideal height to avoid breaking your back.

On wheels, the unit is positioned in the middle of the room when in use, and returns to its place when the activity is over.

No need to sit on the kitchen table and put everything away when it's time to eat!

One of the drawers can hold a laptop computer, so the small sewing workshop cabinet is versatile.

All your material is stored in the drawers, the cabinet is available to become your office.

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Adrien chevallier il y a un mois

Meuble pratique et esthétique, Savoir-faire de grande qualité, Service client aux petits soins, Ma conjointe en est très satisfait :)

Dominique Loison il y a 2 mois

Magnifique tabouret, matière noble et belle finition. Accueil sympa.

Rémi Doucet il y a un an

J'ai offert le meuble atelier à ma compagne artiste. La customisation des éléments de tiroirs est complète et bien pensée. C'est simple, c'est le meuble dont elle rêve depuis toujours. La livraison s'est parfaitement déroulée et le meuble est très bien protégé. La grande qualité justifie complètement le prix demandé. Un grand merci à toute l'équipe, patron et commerciale, toujours disponible et respectant leur délai. Je recommande totalement cette entreprise pour sa fiabilité. L'Enjomineuse est ravie de son meuble atelier.

Michel Henry il y a 2 ans

Tres bien accueillie dans le respect des gestes pour le covid. J ai pu avoir toutes les explications et demonstrations necessaires pour la connaissance du meuble atelier que j"ai commandé. L'entreprise a été trés réactive puisque le meuble a été fabriqué et expédié moins d'une semaine apres la commande. Je l'attends avec impatience. Je recommande cet artisan à 100%.

Yvelise HENRY il y a 2 ans

J'ai recemment commandé un superbe meuble atelier pour pratiquer l'aquarelle. J'ai été trés trés bien recue avec application des gestes barrières et desinfection de tous les objets. J ai egalement pu avoir tous les renseignements et multiples demonstrations sur le meuble que j' ai commandé. Je recommande fortement.

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