The small sewing cabinet

Even when you don’t have much space, an organized and functional sewing space is often a dream for many of us! This is the case for all manual activities.

Discover this very practical piece of furniture to enjoy your activity, even in a small space!

Because every square meter counts, we offer retractable shelves.

The small sewing cabinet furniture has the same 3 shelves as all our workshop furniture.

– The upper shelf

This top doubles to provide a 56 cm x 100 cm work table. When the top is folded down, the unit returns to its original size of 56.5 x 69 x 94 cm.

– The side shelf

It slides out to the left or right. The side shelf can be used for your sewing machine and is supported by the “sewing foot” to avoid any vibrations generated by the machine.

– The lower shelf

When pulled forward, the lower shelf allows you to have your sewing material within easy reach.

To organise the storage of your sewing material, we offer 12 drawer modules, each module consisting of drawers of different sizes. Do not hesitate to measure your material to optimize your organization and to take advantage of the 2m² of storage that this small piece of furniture can offer.

We have equipped the small sewing cabinet with wheels. This means you can easily move the unit near a source of light, whether natural or artificial.

It is also very easy to position it in the center of your room so that you can turn it around to practice your activity and then put it away. It is important that the room quickly changes from a sewing workshop to its main function!

We offer this small cabinet furniture so that small spaces are no longer a hindrance to thread work.

We use solid beech for the structure, and MDF for the shelves and drawer modules, which ensures the furniture’s quality and durability.

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