Fontaine-la-Mallet (76) France - 05 / 2023

I installed my furniture and put away my equipment which was distributed in several places. I even have room left!
I had already adopted the stool brought back from my visit to your premises. It complements the easel very well and allows me to work almost standing up while resting my legs. The set suits me very well for my drawings and for making my watercolors.
I attach some photos including one of my previous installation much less functional and less aesthetic!
Thank you for everything.

Auboi paint workshop furniture Loos hospital group
Loos Hospital Group
Loos (59) France - 05 / 2023

Palliative care unit

Arcachon (33) - 04 / 2023

Trolley delivered this morning, quality packaging, perfect condition, very nice finish, efficient and cooperative delivery man. Very satisfying experience. A thousand times thank you

Diana’s studio
Aix-en-Provence (13) - 04 / 2023

As promised, here is the piece of furniture in place in my very small workshop. And to the left is the other piece of furniture. Thanks again for your great service.

Arcachon (33) - 04 / 2023

Here is the Art Storage System in the workshop, a small workshop, as you see, and not quite finished yet. But it already makes my wife happy.

Saint-Nazaire (44) - 03 / 2023

I want to acknowledge receipt of my two carts this morning.
They are beautiful and proud and solid look.
Thank you for the speed with which you responded to my request.

Art workshop furniture Auboi Bizous Hautes-Pyrénées
Bizous (65) - 02 / 2023

Attached is the furniture duly completed and ready to serve.
Thank you for your efficiency.

Oil painting Artist’s Studio Unit Tuixent Spain
Tuixent (Espagne) -

I received the package and it is in perfect condition. I am a happy artist.

Attached I send you photos with the Easel. I will also share them on my Instagram art profile and tag you.

Thanks again @valentina_abadia_art

Nadia Paris Indian ink painting
Paris (75) - 02 / 2023

I have long been looking for an art table that allows me to have my many mediums and tools within easy reach and that facilitates efficient, quick and orderly use and storage. This workshop furniture really meets my needs. My practice has become much more pleasant, but above all, new artistic horizons are now opening up. Indeed, it is now easy for me to do multi-media (watercolor in tubes, in pencil, markers, Japanese pigments, gold leaf, Indian ink, etc.) or to do tests and quick studies with pencils for example before going on to paint.

For an artist, natural light is a key ingredient. The mobility of the furniture allows me to enjoy this light easily and optimally.

I also really appreciated the time you took to advise me, especially on the configuration of the drawers. My first idea was not the right one and I am very happy to have followed your advice.

To sum up, this piece of furniture allows me to no longer tinker with compromises of space, light, storage, organization. So a new era is dawning for me! A big thank-you!

Art studio furniture Auboi Malaucène
Malaucène (84) - 12 / 2022

I didn’t expect your achievement for my wife to bring me so much pleasure. I appreciate its beauty, the intelligence of its design and the quality of its realization. I spend my time admiring it with my eyes and by touch. It sits today under one of my wife’s canvases and the TV cabinet that I made as an amateur (walnut top and red cedar cladding). I wish my wife had at least as much pleasure using it.
Follower of recycling, I will cut the tray from your pallet which can be used as a shelf.
Congratulations to the whole team. Have a good holiday

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