Porto (Portugal) - 02 / 2024

Just to let you know that the furniture arrived in perfect conditions and is both incredibly beautiful and functional.
My wife, the artist, is extremely happy.

Thank you for all the arrangements, and do keep up that great work,

Studio unit and drawer la Baule Escoublac open tray
La Baule Escoublac (44) France - 02 / 2024

I will send you some photos of the furniture.
They are really very well “thought out”, very functional with a significant storage capacity.
I hope these photos will be useful to you.
I wish you good luck and I am happy to have been able to employ a company from the Caux region, the land of my ancestors!!

Artist’s Studio Unit solid facades Virginie Richebourg (62)
Richebourg (62) France - 02 / 2024

Thank you
Hello everyone, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for my drawing cabinet!
He is magnificent !
Immediately arrived immediately used! I’m enjoying it!
Thank you again for your kindness on the phone, your professionalism and your know-how! Everything is perfect!

La Baule Escoublac (44) France - 02 / 2024

I received the 2 pieces of furniture yesterday in perfect condition.
They are magnificent, very good quality, I love them!!!
They are now filled and operational.
I am very happy with my investment.
A big thank you to all the speakers.

Artist’s Studio Unit Michael Hamminkeln (Allemagne)
Hamminkeln (Allemagne) - 02 / 2024

Dear Auboi team, I received the delivery of my art studio today.

I disassembled the furniture. Everything worked great except for the rear drawer screws. With the rear screws, with some effort and physical contortions, I managed it! I’m no longer the youngest at 67 years old.

Afterwards, I immediately put all of my painting supplies, which I had previously stored in individual boxes, into my art studio and was thrilled with the large storage space.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the beautiful, high-quality piece of furniture and am already looking forward to my next painting project.

I would like to thank your Auboi team and hope you all continue to enjoy making this wonderful functional furniture

Warm greetings from Hamminkeln

Nordstemmen (Allemagne) - 01 / 2024

The painting table and chair were delivered safely on Thursday.
The assembly was very easy and we are very impressed with the workmanship.
Once again, we would like to thank you very much for your efforts and the best customer satisfaction.
We would be happy to contact you again if necessary.

Maulévrier Sainte Gertrude Catherine watercolor furniture
Maulévrier-Sainte-Gertrude (76) France - 01 / 2024

As agreed, here are already some photos of the easel positioned facing the light with the drawers stored.
Really big thanks for this superb achievement, as imagined it will be nomadic depending on the rooms where it will be pleasant to draw depending on the weather.
This piece of furniture is a real success and suits me perfectly.
Another great year, full of projects and success.
The best for the whole team

Agnès drawing table Auboi
Sarge-Lès-le-Mans (72) France - 01 / 2024

This piece of furniture is a stroke of genius!!! Auboi furniture or nothing!

Easel with Drawers Annarita Roma
Roma (Italie) - 12 / 2023

I thank you for the precision and timeliness with which you responded to my requests.
I send you many warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Artist’s Studio Unit auboi Agnès Asnière sur seine
Paris (75) France - 12 / 2023

Magnificent furniture!!
My furniture was delivered this morning. I am very happy,
Well done and thank you to the entire Auboi team!

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