Beuzec Cap Sizun (29) France - 09 / 2023

An email simply to inform you that the delivery went very well (seriousness and reliability of the carrier) and that the furniture gives me complete satisfaction.
Very good quality and finish of the furniture, your documents to facilitate its installation and assembly are very well done.
I am glad.

The Artist’s Studio Unit auboi Anne-Marie Toulon
Toulon (83) France -

I am delighted with the workshop furniture and the canvas support received in packaging capable of defying any travel hazard. Here they are inserted in my workshop living room. I now have everything on hand to work with pencil, Indian ink, pastel, as well as to make the sketches and sketches preparatory to my oil works which I can even paint directly on the workshop furniture thanks to to the upper tilting plate. And all this while preserving and embellishing the living room character assigned to this living room. Huge thanks to the designer, the cabinetmaker, the telephone receptionist, etc. Etc. THANKS THANKS !

Uster Suisse - 08 / 2023

I just wanted to let you know that the furniture was delivered today and everything went wonderfully. No damage and it looks really great.
Thank you very much for your efforts and have a nice day.

Art Storage System and The Artist’s Studio Unit ardèche Christine
Ardèche (07) France - 08 / 2023

I only put you 1 photo of the mess before the reception of the trolley when I had to store my paintings on a bench… and then I put you some photos of your furniture, my workshop being finally restored tonight!
I am delighted with the trolley and I even used its top to store my supply of American crates!
Keep up the good work and thank you all,

The Artist’s Studio Unit shelves Catherine ST TROJAN LES BAINS
Saint-Trojan-les-Bains (17) France - 07 / 2023

A little photo of the furniture which is great

Art Storage System 2,30 m architecte Groisy
Groisy (74) - France - 07 / 2023

Thank you to the whole team for your achievement which serves me well.

Taboret Simone'workshop Saint-Germain-en-l'Haye
Simone’s Workshop
Paris, France - 06 / 2023

The piece of furniture has arrived, to my great joy! I am very happy because the piece of furniture is really very pretty, it smells of wood, its proportions suit me very well, it is as decorative as it is practical and clever. Really congratulations to the designer, we see that he needed it and tested it before building it, it is a very beautiful work of craftsman and not of technocrat! My grandfather was a cabinetmaker on Rue du Faubourg St Antoine in Paris and I recognized the smell of freshly worked wood, it made me happy!
Pass on my warm compliments to Monsieur Becquart, as well as to Romain, if he was the one who worked on “my” piece of furniture!
And I also want to say thank you to you Chloé for your availability and your kindness.

Storage canvases and pictures chatillon
Chatillon (92) France - 06 / 2023

As promised, I am sending you the photos of the assembly and the installation. Everything went well. As you can see it is already almost full; If I had more room I would order a second one.
Thank you and good day.

furniture japanese painting elisabeth paris
Paris (75) France - 06 / 2023

I received my furniture at the end of the afternoon.
And I come to her to finalize the installation and storage of all my equipment.
This piece of furniture is a marvel! Hyper functional, very well thought out and of remarkable quality.
Bravo for this creation and careful realization.
And thank you for sending it so quickly 😊🙏
The delivery man was not very cooperative; luckily my husband and a neighbor came to my rescue to bring it into the hallway.
Now that everything is set up, I can’t wait to create on this beautiful piece of furniture.
Here is a little picture ☺️

Easel pastels Fontaine la mallet normandy
Fontaine-la-Mallet (76) France - 05 / 2023

I installed my furniture and put away my equipment which was distributed in several places. I even have room left!
I had already adopted the stool brought back from my visit to your premises. It complements the easel very well and allows me to work almost standing up while resting my legs. The set suits me very well for my drawings and for making my watercolors.
I attach some photos including one of my previous installation much less functional and less aesthetic!
Thank you for everything.

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