Auboi Easel Yvette Strasbourg palette
Strasbourg (67) - 11 / 2022

The easel with drawers delivered in good condition.
Luckily it was already on wheels easier to move.
The delivery guy dropped it off for us in the elevator☺
There you go, ready to put things away.
Thank you for everything.

Gouache workshop furniture Wanze Belgium
Wanze (Belgique) - 11 / 2022

As agreed, please find attached some pictures of the furniture.
A last photo for a different and very practical function!
In this way we can see the front shelf deployed. I am very satisfied with this beautiful object. Sincerely yours and thank you again for your pleasant collaboration at my leisure.
I wish you and the team a very happy holiday season and every success for 2023.

Ebersberg – Deutschland - 11 / 2022

Finally I was able to photograph the painting and the drawing table.

Christiane Furniture watercolor Artist’s Studio Unit Andrest
Andrest (65) France - 07 / 2022

The furniture was delivered this morning, the installation is done and I am very happy with this purchase.
Mobility and functionality in general are really very satisfactory

Drawer blocks watercolor paper Erquy
Erquy (22) France - 07 / 2022

A few months ago I bothered you 😉 before deciding to buy a workshop easel.
If at first I was not convinced that the piece of furniture could be suitable for painting on large frames, I then hesitated for a long time between an easel and a studio piece of furniture.
I finally opted for the easel (question of size for my room), and after several sessions, I must say that I am conquered.
Admittedly, it’s a different way of working, but I got used to it very quickly, and I find the ergonomics of the “workstation” (if you can call it that) most optimal.
The addition of the auxiliary shelf is a real plus, and the lower shelf is exactly the size of my acrylic palette.
I am attaching some photos on which I have a 140×70 canvas, and which I am finishing on the Auboi easel without any problem.
I also set up a drawer with places for my tubes, and the fact of viewing the testimonials on your site encourages me to try my hand at watercolor, which I will soon do. Once again, thank you for your patience, your advice and your kindness, and I remain at your disposal if necessary.

art storage system weimar allemagne
Weimar (Allemagne) - 04 / 2022

As you can see, I’m already in the process of setting up and will be done (= able to work) in about two weeks. But your car is already doing a good job.

leipzig germany art studio furniture
Leipzig (Allemagne) -

2 months ago I already ordered an artist’s cabinet from you.
Now I finally wanted to start painting again and suddenly a 3D printer had to be found…it’s now blocking my drawing table.
So I need another one of your beautiful cabinets, this time for the 3D printer.
Here is the NOT finished actual situation 🙂

Kommode mit schubladen Backnang Allemagne
Backnang - Deutschland - 11 / 2021

The delivery is complete. All the furniture is in order and beautiful.

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