Asnières sur Seine (92) - 12 / 2023

The furniture was delivered in the best possible conditions.
I like it a lot, I’m waiting for help to install the tablet and release it. The middle drawer is a great idea; I thank you for offering it to me as well as for the quality of your services and your kindness to all.

Saint Florent Le Vieil (49) France - 12 / 2023

I received the furniture, it is in perfect condition.
I congratulate you on this work and am very happy to sit on this beautiful sewing furniture (and desk also for me).

Caen (France) - 09 / 2023

Just to confirm that we did receive the M+ sewing cabinet a little while ago, in perfect condition and everything is spotless. We’re delighted.
Many thanks for your kindness and help.

Pessac sewing workshop furniture
Pessac (33) France - 06 / 2023

Furniture set up!!! Gorgeous 😊
I have to take pictures tonight… to be continued…

Sewing workshop furniture Batz sur Mer loire-atlantique
Batz-sur-Mer (44) France - 04 / 2023

That’s it, the furniture is installed and positioned in “inactive” mode. Thank you

Castelginest (31) - 03 / 2023

I am contacting you again to thank you once again for this superb sewing furniture!
It’s just perfect for me!! Very functional, very practical and very well thought out! Everything is optimized for sewing and it’s a real pleasure. It also fits very well in my living room and it is convenient to handle to move it around the room.
It is a real pleasure to sew on this piece of furniture!

Sewing workshop cabinet M 15 closed drawers Sallas Curan
Sallas Curan (12) - 02 / 2023

I have had this magnificent workshop since December 2020 and how can I put it…it’s my little paradise.
It is perfect for my use.
I call it my nomadic workshop because unfortunately I don’t have a room dedicated to my passion. I use a room of one of my daughters (my three daughters are adults) and they have long since left the house.

It was thanks to my eldest daughter who lives in Rouen that I discovered your company.

Brief. I’m super super happy with my purchase.

I have now been retired for a year and I devote myself to my favorite hobby..

I’m not a professional, I help out friends and create clothes for my little girls, among others, for me and those around me.

And when I need to welcome people in this room I fold everything.
My sewing machines have a dedicated slot.

Thank you for sending me the wishes so I took the time to write to you. The photos of the furniture have been on the computer desk for……..a very long time

I wish you a happy new year 2023. I advertise around me.
Maybe one day another order will come from Aveyron.

Juriens (Suisse) - 01 / 2023

Time passes and I realize that I have not given you any feedback regarding the delivery of the sewing cabinet.

Everything went well and the furniture is beautiful. My wife is delighted.

Thank you very much for the efficiency and quality of your services.

Sewing furniture Laurence Tierce
Tierce (49) - 11 / 2022

Being completely satisfied with the art workshop furniture received in 2018 to create some illuminated works, I really wanted to buy the sewing workshop furniture to gather and store all the sewing, crochet, knitting and embroidery necessities scattered all over the place. the House. Thanks to Father Christmas, who arrived quite early this year and thanks to my daughter who took care of it again, I had the pleasure of seeing my wish come true.
Thank you for the quality and ingenuity of your work.

white sewing Cabinet Marly-le-Roi serger base
Marly-le-Roi (78) - 09 / 2022

I am sending you photos of the furniture as agreed. We do not see the pan that I left folded down for the moment. Thanks to the whole team ! I’m delighted, it’s really perfect 🙂 the white paint is superb and the black buttons give it a chic and modern look.

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