How to maintain the furniture?

The furniture is protected by a varnish insensitive to water. You just need to use a damp sponge and then a dry cloth to maintain the furniture.

Can I cut on the top plate?

If this is a sewing workshop cabinet, the top shelf is the perfect space to cut out your fabric with scissors.
On the other hand, if you use a cutter or other cutting tool, it is essential to protect the plate with a cutting mat.

How much does a workshop furniture weigh?

The weight of the workshop furniture depends on its layout. It weighs between 110 and 130 kg.
The weight of the chest of drawers can be more, up to 180 kg. As will be explained to you in the “recommendations for use” attached to the furniture when it is shipped, the furniture can be easily separated to be lightened and transported by two people.

I want to buy the furniture, but I want to install it in a room with narrow access: is this possible?

The minimum width for the passage of a workshop cabinet is 66.5 cm and for a chest of drawers 67.5 cm.
If your passage is narrower, the cabinet is completely removable. It is delivered assembled, with instructions to accompany you step by step for a simple and fast dismantling. Our support can also be by phone if you wish.

Is there a stopper for the drawers?

We have made the choice not to put a stopper. This makes it easy to take out the drawer and place it on a tray rather than taking out the material.
This also allows the complete cleaning of the drawers, which is very interesting for pastel for example.

How to tilt and lower the top plate?

Tilting is done simply by raising the platform. When lowered slowly, the racks position themselves on the screws. To lower the plate, simply raise it a little to disengage the rack and lower it more quickly.

Where can I put my knees to paint while sitting?

There are two possibilities to sit in a seated position on the workshop furniture:
Sitting on a high stool, you will work on the upper table. If you are working flat, the table will pull 40 cm towards you; if you are working in the easel position, tilting the easel will automatically involve the advancement of the top plate allowing you to position your legs.
If you are working at a standard desk height, the lower tray pulls out towards you so you can position yourself comfortably. You can find photos of these different installations in the “furniture in situation” tabs and see the use of the furniture by viewing the video of the art workshop furniture.

Do the casters mark the floor or the carpet?

No, the casters are fitted with specific rubber tires that do not leave marks.

How much weight can the canvas support support on the side?

The canvas support is designed to accommodate canvas and frames, up to 5 kg.

I am going to move, I want to buy now and have it delivered to another address, is this possible?

Of course, it is possible for us to enter a delivery address different from the billing address, in the case of a move, of a second home. We can also enter a name other than the billing name when it is a gift, for example.

Is it possible to see the furniture before buying it?

The furniture is visible at our workshop in Normandy. Today we have no other exhibition venues.

How can I be sure of the quality of the furniture without seeing it?

One of Auboi’s leitmotifs is: quality – control – sustainability. The manufacture of furniture does not tolerate any approximation. We have followed this course of action for over 25 years. We want to focus our energy on creation, manufacturing and customer satisfaction.
We invite you to read the Testimonials of our customers.

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