In order to offer competitive transport prices, we work by courier in France and throughout Europe.
When your furniture is ready, we will contact you to set a delivery date.

Deliveries take place Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The truck driver brings the furniture “in front” of your home; it is equipped with a pallet truck which cannot climb the steps, or roll in the gravel.
The Workshop Furniture are delivered assembled, packaged and placed on a pallet.

If it is necessary to climb stairs, because there is gravel, to take it to a room with a narrow passage, … it is very easy to lighten the furniture by removing the drawers and trays; this simple operation only takes a few minutes.



The minimum width for the passage of a workshop cabinet is 66.5 cm and for a chest of drawers 67.5 cm.
If your passage is narrower, the cabinet is completely removable. It is delivered assembled, with instructions to accompany you step by step for a simple and fast dismantling. Our support can also be by phone if you wish.

Can you deliver the furniture directly to my apartment?

Yes, this requires a request for a quote from our carrier. A delivery inside your home usually involves two people, so quotes are personalized according to access, number of floors, whether or not to use an elevator ….

How much does a workshop furniture weigh?

The weight of the furniture depends on its layout. The workshop furniture weighs between 110 and 130 kg.
The weight of the chest of drawers can be more, up to 180 kg.
As will be explained to you in the “recommendations for use” attached to the furniture when it is shipped, the furniture can be easily separated to be lightened and transported by two people.

Can I schedule my delivery?

For “standard” delivery, we can offer a delivery day fixed in advance, but on a time slot from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
As an option, it is possible to ask the carrier for a “premium” delivery, ie before 1 pm.

To get to my front door, the floor is tilted; does this complicate the delivery?

If your floor is sloped but hard, that doesn’t complicate the delivery. The driver may possibly ask for a “helping hand” to pull or hold his pallet truck if the incline is steep.
If your floor is gravel, delivery will indeed be more complicated. It will probably be necessary to plan to unpack and lighten the furniture to facilitate its delivery.

What happens if it rains on the day of delivery?

If the piece of furniture can be easily brought into your hall, that is not a problem.
If this is not the case, we recommend putting the pallet away in a garage, under a covered playground, or simply under an oilcloth while waiting for the lull which will allow you to take the time to unpack and lighten the piece of furniture to put it in.

Regarding delivery, what do you mean by working days?

Working days are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thus, if a piece of furniture is shipped on a Thursday, delivery within three working days will be made on the following Tuesday.


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