Belle et Houllefort (62) France - 06 / 2022

Hello to the whole Auboi team, 😃
I confirm the delivery of my sewing furniture, this day at 15 pm. 😃 Everything went exactly as you said.
Everything is fine. The furniture is perfect. I am more than satisfied. My sewing furniture is going to join my husband’s painting workshop in the mezzanine. My husband and I will be able to share good moments of conviviality.
Congratulations to the whole team and why not another order one of these days.

Kommode mit schubladen Backnang Allemagne
Backnang - Deutschland - 11 / 2021

The delivery is complete. All the furniture is in order and beautiful.

Petit atelier couture S machine à coudre Thouare-sur-Loire
Thouare sur Loire (44) France - 09 / 2021

The small sewing cabinet “S”

Table atelier auboi confection cuir Besançon
Besançon (25) France - 03 / 2021

Attached are some photos of my setup. I was again amazed by the capacity of this piece of furniture when taking these photos! Thank you for this beautiful creation.

Auteuil (78) France - 02 / 2021

My beautiful furniture!

I am absolutely delighted with my furniture, what a pleasure to have your fabrics so tidy, to have space to cut your fabrics, to sew… happiness!

I had a lot of fun decorating my furniture!

I am very happy to have called on you, for the final rendering of course, but also a lot for the human contact.

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